End of 2020

Whew!  Never thought in all our years we would be so happy as to have 2020 in our rear view mirror!  It has been a tough year for the world, and we have definitely felt the impact for musicians and in the food and beverage industry.  But we have seen folks overcome and persevere, becoming inventive in how to keep going and our communities being very supportive in helping each other - to all of you we say THANK YOU!

Each of us in King Cat and The Elders are thankful for your support in coming out to our shows, spreading the word about our band, buying our merchandise - you Katz and Kittenz are the ones keeping real music ALIVE!  For all of the venues and private parties we have played - THANK YOU for taking the chance and continuing to support LIVE MUSIC!

We look forward to seeing all of you soon at our next show, and wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2021! 

As the character Tiny Tim said in "A Christmas Carol" - "God Bless Us Every One!"