2020 News!

Hey All You Katz & Kittenz! 

We hope Santa Cat was real good to you, and the New Year's celebration found you kissing your sweetie! 

Now 2020 is here, and as we rev up the flat-head music motor and get it humming, we are excited for what the new year will bring! 

Working on our store to FINALLY get merch available and make it easy for you to buy it! 
When we sell our merch at our shows (just ask a band member) we are using the SQUARE software app and can swipe your credit/debit card if you spent all your cash! 

We are working hard on creating OUR own music for you, and hope to share that soon as well! 

Thanks for joining us in 2019, and coming out to our shows to support local live music! 
We hope to see you at our 2020 shows and we ask that you continue to SPREAD THE WORD about King Cat & The Elders, like our social media posts and Feel the Twang! 

See ya at the gig! 

KC & The Elders