2020 - Earth Closed???

Whoa Daddy-O!

Have we been on the pandemic Tilt-a-Whirl for most of this year or what?  Geez Louise! 

All of us musicians have been impacted, with everything closed due to this world-wide "Chinese chop-socky" and struggling to make ends meet.  With the world stages closing, we are having to get inventive to continue to share our music and many have been very productive - doing online shows regularly and selling their merchandise to keep the lights on.  This "Jumanji - Level 5" craziness has us jumping from 6 to 6 for sure, and we pray our big blue marble will continue to spin until this pandemic passes and we can get back to getting out there and rocking and rolling with you!

Unfortunately with the limited income coming in, we have also not been able to bring you the new merchandise we had planned - but we are continuing to work on it for you, and hope to have something out before Christmas!

Right now, we are lined up to play in September and November; with the hope that this crazy quarantine will be lifted and we can get back out for more shows.

Until then, everyone stay safe and listen to good music at home! 

(P.S. You can always check out our videos on YouTube - www.youtube.com/UC0tzTo-C67_EsdpriIPMyXw)