The Final Farewell

Friends, Fans, and Followers,

After much thought and deliberation, KC & The Elders have decided to close our cat crib. Our last show will be where we started - on the Global Stage at this year’s Arts in the Heart…

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The Boys are Back in Town!

What's happening all you Rockers and Rockettes!  It's been a while since we've laid down some snappy patter and toe-tapping tunes, but WE ARE BACK and ready to “rock this town” with you!  May 2023 is starting us out BIG…

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Holy Time Warp! Closing in on the End of 2022!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

2022 got away from us and here it is already moving towards the holidays and we are finally updating our blog with some snappy patter and news you can use!

The band was kicking it pretty good…

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January 2022! It's Time to Rock and Roll!

Welcome to 2022 Everybody! 

We are looking forward with optimism to getting back out on stages near and far, and seeing everyone's smiling faces!

Hope everyone made your New Year's Resolution?  How about adding one - "I will go out…

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2021 - That's A Wrap!

Hey Rockers and Rockettes, Hep-Katz and Kool Kittenz (and any L7's out there digging our scene)!

We are moving into the holiday season, and it has been GREAT seeing all of you at our shows and enjoying the music!


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Let's Rock It Like It's Summer 2021!

Hey, Hey All You Guys & Dolls! 

The darkness of 2020 is lifting fast and getting behind us like a bad date in the rear-view mirror!

We hope this post finds everyone healthy and healing, getting out in the fresh…

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End of 2020

Whew!  Never thought in all our years we would be so happy as to have 2020 in our rear view mirror!  It has been a tough year for the world, and we have definitely felt the impact for musicians and…

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2020 - Earth Closed???

Whoa Daddy-O!

Have we been on the pandemic Tilt-a-Whirl for most of this year or what?  Geez Louise! 

All of us musicians have been impacted, with everything closed due to this world-wide "Chinese chop-socky" and struggling to make…

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2020 News!

Hey All You Katz & Kittenz! 

We hope Santa Cat was real good to you, and the New Year's celebration found you kissing your sweetie! 

Now 2020 is here, and as we rev up the flat-head music motor…

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Upcoming Shows!

I Hear That Train A Coming...

Get ready Katz and Kittenz!  The Elders have been busy working on NEW tunes and putting together our Fall schedule!

Sign up for our mailing list (we do not share/sell your info…

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Kansas City

Whew!  What a weekend!  We had an absolute BLAST playing for the fine folks at Distribution By Air on Friday night - big thanks to Kevin for being the absolute BEST host, and to the KG Band for a great…

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